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  1. Imported comments, smarter Makefile

    Finally got around to importing the comments from the old WordPress site into pelican. I had in mind to write some kind of automatic script to do this, but there were only 11 comments in total which didn't justify spending the time writing a script for it. So I did …

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  2. Bye-bye, Google!

    Just a little post celebrating removing the parts of this template which pulled stuff in from third-party domains, namely fonts via Google and some broken link to html5.js hosted via Google Code. I also pre-emptively removed some Google Analytics stuff in the template which doesn't seem to get pulled …

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  3. More site fixes

    Spent part of today fixing more things with this site. I figured out that it's possible to have static "pages" just like WordPress, so I've added one of those ("About").

    I also fixed the default CSS ("nomyidea") to work with narrow browser windows. Took about an hour to figure out …

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  4. Hello, Pelican!

    This is a post celebrating successfully switching this site/blog over to the static site generator Pelican. Why is this a big deal? For a couple of reasons:

    The first reason is that WordPress is a fairly "heavy" framework. There's a lot of opportunity for security issues. For a single-person …

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