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I suddenly realize I haven’t plugged hubski on this place yet. Hubski is one of many link aggregation/discussion sites on the Web, but it has the distinguishing feature of people on there being somewhat mature and educated when trying to discuss something. I’ve been a member since about two years (under a username I’m keeping secret for now), and so far my stay has been rather pleasant.

Yes, it is a centralized service. But as centralized services go it’s a whole lot better than say reddit, a site which has only recently realized that perhaps hosting a platform for neonazis and virulent fat shamers is perhaps not the best thing to do..

I should also note here that some of the features that hubski implements are things that GNU Social/OStatus has had support for for years, but has yet to catch on in a major way. Neither has hubski, of course. The future will show which one ends up being more popular..

Music Tech Fest

Förra helgen var jag och Petter Ericsson och representerade Umeå HackerspaceMusic Tech Fest. Kort sagt kan man säga att det var mycket trevligt folk, samt att vi vann pris för våran uppfunning: ett enhandsinstrumentet vi döpte till Synthobon. Kort sagt kan man beskriva det som ett elektroniska brassinstrument. Just nu har vi lite funderingar vad man kan göra med det i framtiden.

En kort video som visar instrumentet:

Lite bilder:


Domare inspekterar Synthobonen i vårat bås


Närbild på anordningen


MTF-deltagare i spacet efter efteråt, måndag